For resellers

Introduce the Happy Life Energy Essences into your product range!

By offering your customers the Happy Life Energy Essences, you can help to bring a little more light into this world.

The Energy Essences from the company Happy Life SA will complement many product ranges. They are small, gender neutral and offer help in multiple ways.

If you are in a bad mood, unhappy, not quite “yourself”, or if you find it difficult to make clear decisions – the Happy Life Energy Essences can help resolve these issues.

It is recommended to offer the first 12 energy essences together (18 essences in all are available; the first 12 essences are for a happy life) because they are designed to work together holistically. But Happy Life SA is flexible and also offers individual essences for resale.

The additional 6 essences (6 Essences for an easy life) can also be offered independently of the first 12 essences..