About me

My name is Alexandra Kind.

Whenever I give a summary about my work and my mission, I describe it as all about communicating the messages and the energy of the spiritual world.

My career began on the conventional path of a degree in business management (University of St. Gallen), and after some years led to spirituality.

Today, I work as a healing practitioner (www.alexandra-kind.com) and I enjoy helping others to feel this vital and inspiring energy.

My energy essences are created to help people like you to feel this energy, regardless of whether or not I am present.

Before I grew receptive for these energy essences from the spiritual world, I first devoted over 15 years to working on my energies and I personally used many essences. That gave me the strength to be a clear channel for these lucid energies.

My energy essences can help ensure that everyone who uses them leads a happier and simpler life.

I am deeply grateful for this.