Tänzerin in wallendem Seidenkleid
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Let your problems be transformed into light.

Energy essences

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The energy essences from Happy Life SA are produced by the healer Alexandra Kind. She feels deeply grateful to channel the energies of the spiritual world, and to incorporate these into her essences, which are based on water and alcohol. The vibrancy instilled in these uplifting essences inspire individuals to let go of their “heaviness” and be more open for a happy life.

Featured in the current range are 18 essences from Happy Life SA. The first 12 essences give essential support to be happy. Followed by 6 essences encouraging us to embrace an easier life.

The 18 essences currently available will soon have a supplementary range of essences uniquely created to give support to children and animals.

The energy essences from Happy Life SA are easy to use. They can be sprayed onto the heart chakra or in the aura whenever we feel like it. The essences help us at any time to feel more attuned to our inner selves, to develop further or to free ourselves from the energies that no longer benefit us.

The energy essences produced by Happy Life SA – also known as aura sprays or energy sprays – come in a handy size and can be carried anywhere (30 ml), so they rapidly revive us while on the go.

The energy essences from Happy Life SA are available for retailers, therapists and wellness centres. Private users can order the energy essences on the website www.alexandra-kind.com

12 energy essences for a happy life

The first 12 energy essences encourage us to attune to our happiness. They promote personal and spiritual development, allowing us to let go of burdens that we no longer require. They inspire us to feel open for ourselves and our true happiness.

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 1 Be happy

Energy essence N° 1

Be happy

This essence can help you to find your happiness and joy.

Keywords: being happy, receiving and feeling joy, laughing

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 2 Be who you are

Energy essence N° 2

Be who you are

This essence can help you to find release from all energies that do not belong to you.

Keywords: finding out who you are, defining yourself, appreciating yourself

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 3 Faith in life

Energy essence N° 3

Faith in life

This essence can help you to trust life and relax.

Keywords: trusting God, faith in life, basic trust

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 4 Clarify your emotions

Energy essence N° 4

Clarify your emotions

This essence can help you to clarify your emotions so that you can feel both greater clarity and more joy.

Keywords: letting go of old emotions, perceiving feelings more clearly, self-awareness, knowing where you are going

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 5 Love yourself

Energy essence N° 5

Love yourself

This essence can help you to love yourself as you are.

Keywords: loving yourself, feeling love, spreading love throughout your body, showing a caring attitude to yourself

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 6 Accept whatever arises

Energy essence N° 6

Accept whatever arises

This essence can help you to accept what is happening or has already happened in your life.

Keywords: living without resistance, being open for the new, accepting the old and letting go

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 7 Listen to your heart

Energy essence N°7

Listen to your heart

This essence can help you to experience life by following your heart or to be in the heart.

Keywords: activating the heart, opening up to the intelligence of the heart

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 8 Clarify your goals

Energy essence N° 8

Clarify your goals

This essence can help you to define and achieve your goals.

Keywords: knowing what you really want, staying focused, achieving your goals

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 9 Find your way

Energy essence N° 9

Find your way

This essence can help you to get back on your soul path and to follow it.

Keywords: travel on the soul’s path, living the life we had planned before we were born

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 10 Be successful

Energy essence N° 10

Be successful

This essence can help you to experience the success in your life that is attuned to your soul.

Keywords: being successful, being effective, building on success

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 11 Be

Energy essence N° 11


This essence can help you experience the awareness of “Being” and integrating it into your life.

Keywords: let it happen, observe, centred in “being”

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 12 Openness for the gifts of life

Energy essence N° 12

Openness for the gifts of life

This essence can help you to be more open for life’s gifts and more easily to reveal what you desire.

Keywords: manifest, making wishes come true

6 energy essences for an easy life

The energy essences N° 13 to 18 help us to lead an easier life. They make a practical difference to our daily routine, as well as being less focused on spiritual development than the first 12 essences.

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 13 Good mood feeling

Energy essence N° 13

Good mood feeling

This essence can help prolong your good mood feeling, or to find it again.

Keywords: being positive, good mood

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 14 Revive your strength

Energy essence N° 14

Revive your strength

This essence can help you to revive your strength.

Keywords: pain (physical), weakness (physical and emotional)

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 15 Find love

Energy essence N° 15

Finding love

This essence can help you become open for being in a loving partnership, or for a potential partner, if you haven’t found someone yet.

Keywords: love in partnership, loving relationship

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 16 Celebrate life

Energy essence N° 16

Celebrate life

This essence can help you to see and enjoy your life as a gift again.

Keywords: enjoy simply being alive, gratitude for life

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 17 Make better decisions

Energy essence N° 17

Make better decisions

This essence can help you to open up for the right decision.

Keywords: making the right decision, resolving ambiguities, resolving indecision or hesitation for decision-making

Happy-Life-Energy-Essence 18 Lightness of life

Energy essence N° 18

Lightness of life

This essence can help you to become more light-hearted and feel more at ease.

Keywords: Lightness, light-heartedness, joy of life, cheerfulness

All 18 essences are unique and can support you in your life. No matter which one you choose first, you can always rely on it. Just feel intuitively which essence most appeals to you – it will be the right choice! You can also use two energy essences at the same time, if you feel like it.

Note: The Happy Life Energy Essences are for external use only and should not be ingested. They have no direct effect on the body or mind that has been proven by classical scientific standards. All statements refer exclusively to energy aspects like aura, meridians and chakras.